Our Core Values

Way In Building & Civil Construction


We believe that excellence is putting in that extra 20% above the 100%. We optimize the use and effectiveness of all the resources available at our disposal to ensure that we stay atop the industry ladder, satisfying our clients and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.


Innovation they say is the driver of development. So, At Buildmycrip, we have stepped up over the years to find innovation a core part of our value system. We believe in the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing market needs. The development of Nigeria’s infrastructural sphere is dependent on innovation and we have stepped up to fill this need.


Without passion, when the going gets tough, the flowing stops. At Builmycrip, passion is the fuel for excellence. Our workforce at every level is comprised of passionate and purpose driven individuals who are in their respective professions and occupations not just for the monetary gains but because they have a passion for it. Our talent development system is also structured to hire young passionate professionals in order to continue the culture.


At Buildmycrip, we know the true definition of integrity which is consistency in character, methods, accuracy, honesty and truthfulness. Integrity is our watchword. Our accountability and quality assurance systems have been structured to make sure that everyone working for and with us, adhere to that standard of integrity.


In an economy infested with quacks and incompetent operators, Buildmycrip has positioned itself to be a beacon of light. Our penchant for professionalism is second to none. Qualities such as professional appearance, polite demeanor, reliability, competence, strict adherence to professional ethics, poise, class, etiquette, organisational skills and accountability are not hard to find in all our professionals.